Thursday, October 7, 2010


Another Le Texan character sketched by Papa Duke.

From Monaco Cool:

"This is a big, bullnecked longshoreman-type, the Brutus of Popeye cartoons, who everyone calls Jaws because his only teeth are sharp canines, used for gnawing nachos. Jaws sits at the bar and gulps pastis, a strong cheap licorice-flavored liquor, and smacks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, sounding like a squirrel in heat. He sometimes follows pretty waitresses into the communal washroom for an attempted grope, then washes his face and returns to his barstool, water dripping from his moist, grotesque mug.

"On this night, Jaws brought in a nudie magazine and, sans reservation, plopped himself at a table adjacent the door and positioned his dirty book so that anyone coming or going would catch its bawdy cover full in the face."