Wednesday, October 13, 2010


From Monaco Cool:

"The recluse that he is, even Barry Schwartz found Le Texan. He's a world-renowned investment guru and mega-millionaire who rarely ventures from his Monte Carlo sanctuary. Hollywood would cast Barry the Lamster as a flasher in his old overcoat and leering smile, and Tony (the bartender), knowing no better, sat him at Jaw's old table near the door.. That's where I found him, peering at me through the picture window, stabbing at enchiladas.

"Barry is tough on new people, presuming they are part of the Big Brother-Trilateral Commision-IRS conspiracy until proven innocent.

"Socializing is harder work for Barry than analyzing stock market trends, and his quota for the month was over after an hour at Le Texan. He dumped his drink, flashed a leer and disappeared down a Condamine backstreet to elude surveillance, pockets bulging with gold Kruggerands and six different passports."