Sunday, October 3, 2010


This Papa Duke sketch graced the back cover of Monaco Cool.

It depicts Tony the bartender and Papa Duke's middle son at Le Texan's Alamo Bar.

Monaco Cool: "There is no pretension at Le Texan, on a Condamine backstreet in the earthy port quarter. You step inside, greeted by the piquant aroma of ham hock stewing in a crock of beans, and this Tex-Mex saloon is immediately as comfortable as your favorite pair of denim jeans. For a couple of bucks you can linger over a bottle of Heineken, corn chips and salsa at the long Alamo Bar and watch the diverse cliques of Monaco mix it up: young international professionals here to transform the principality from an upper-crust retirement community into the financial center of Europe; the Monegasque establishment; royalty; the neighborhood eccentrics, spies and celebrities. You see them all."

Pen & ink, 12 x 8, 1992.