Wednesday, October 27, 2010


From Monaco Cool:

Isaac strolled the Alamo Bar, king of kool, engaging in small talk and saying, "I'm blessed" to do this and "I'm blessed" to do that. Blessed by Ali Baba or Bibi or something.

Then he dragged Miss Katie to the doorway separating the outdoor terrace from the Alamo Bar. He told her the terrace lighting, the kind that makes bad skin look like a rosy complexion, was all wrong.

"Look inside," he ordered. "Now out. Now in. Now out." Christ, he was trying to twist her head 360 degrees like that horrible scene in The Exorcist!

"Look in, Now out. In. Out." Isaac persisted. "See what I mean? It's all wrong!"

"It looks okay to me," said Kate, with a shrug.

"It's my opinion that it's all wrong," said Isaac.

"Well, everyone has their own opinion," said Kate sweetly.

"It's my opinion that counts." God hath spoken... or was it satan?

Because deep within that super-cool exterior, I sense a Jack Nicholson Devils of Eastwick soul. Something about his eyes.... something about all his friends... they were acting as though they'd come not for a wedding, but for a sacrifice. First, they nail the poor cactus. Next thing, they'll be slaughtering a poodle on the bar.